OT Hobbies To Keep You Busy When You Can't Cheer?

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Mar 25, 2010
hey ya'll :)

so due to recent happenings, i am pretty much forced to be a couch potato. while this is most kids ideal summer, I am already going crazy and its only been like 3 days. I was wondering what kinds of things ya'll do in your free time (wait what, that exists?) or just for fun, to relax, etc. I need things to keep me busy throughout the day, or I will go crazy. I'm allowed to be up and moving, just no physical activity. i'm open to anything at this point. if i watch one more tv episode or movie on netflix, i may dig my eyes out with rusty spoons.

peace, love, and happy cheering

You should start making bows or learn how to sew sports bras and spankie sets:) it could take lots of time and make some money.
YES! Please post on this thread..I need the same thing :) I am taking up baking, working out, reading, cleaning and of course working almost everyday (weekends off). I'm hanging in there, but my sister is a competitive cheerleader so watching her go off to practice is definitely tough. I miss it all so much! I am totally with ya on the tv episodes/netflix..I am stuck in bed sick so that's all I've been doing this week. Organizing and cleaning is something that isn't necessarily "fun" but it will definitely make the days go by a little faster and you will feel very productive at the end of the day! :)
My heart breaks for you, i would hate to be in your situation.
I agree, bows are so fun! I don't think you can really have anybody teach you how to make them, its more of a trial and error sort of thing.
Ugh basically same situation but I can't really make bows since I'm not allowed to keep my head down really. I know you don't want to hear it, but I have been finding a lot of shows I like and haven't watched before.
Paint your nails!
Online shopping haha
Read! I do think the bow making idea is great. I read through the whole bow making thread on here, watched the video and then gave it a try. I had a successful bow on the first try (just used one color of ribbon). After a few of those I started experimenting with layering ribbons etc. It would definitely be a great way to keep busy...make a bunch of cute green and white bows for the Rock team to wear at camp!
Read (my top thing to do!)
Watch Movies/TV Shows
Make Jewelry (FUN! That's what I like to do!)
Learn a new language!
Baking/ cooking is always fun! Art stores have cake decorating classes, just dont eat all the cake!
Walk puppies!!
Garden/plant flowers
Learn an instrument

Then again, you can't go wrong with crayons and paper ;)
If you have an ipad there are lots of free apps- that are lots of fun and keep your brain sharp. I love colorfill and doodlefit, wordwarp. My daughter likes the cheerleader uniform maker, pizza maker, cupcake maker.
go to a craft store and basically buy the whole place. there is soooo much stuff to do that will keep you busy all summer: scrapbooking, learn to knit (dorky i know but it passes time...), make bracelet, bows, the possibilitys are endless!!! good luck and have fun :)
i make bracelets! like string bracelets that's has like an arrow on it or that has the spiral going aournd it!
Foster animals: the animal shelters here get kittens and puppies fostered out in the community for a few months at a time when they're not doing well in shelter care. They'll keep you company and you can help each other trough recovery :)

Learn to embroider: I can only do a simple chain stitch but I embroider my/teammates' names on our practice wear.

Set up a company that processes requests from international cheer kids so I can get all the pro shop apparel I want sent to you, and then you can ship them to me for one flat fee :D