How Do I Get A Fierce Bow?

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Im going to both those competitions too. and i was just wondering the same things!! when can we sign up to get a fierce bow??
i want one sooo bad! i was reading the thread on a friends account with her and i know someone is gonna be there with them but theres a big thing shes doing now to make sure only boarders get the bows. im just hoping i have the opportunity to message her in time and recieve whatever it is i need to show her so i can get a bow! i love the whole idea of the bows showing that your a boarder!
You don't sign up. In the All-Stars section Darla posted her number and you can text her your Fierce Board account name and see where she is to try to meet up this weekend in Indy.
i know how!
you have to contact darla on friday or sometime this weekend and text her your real name and your board name then shes gonna tell you where she is you go find her and you have your bow!
it is in one of the threads! :)