All-Star How Does Your Gym Announce Teams?

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Dec 29, 2010
Email? Website posting? Personal phone call? Surprise party at the gym? Carrier pigeon?

Or, like when I rushed a fraternity, do you just accost people in their dorm room in the middle of night, drag them out blindfolded to a grassy field, and surprise them with the news?

Ok, maybe not that one. But you get the idea. :)
We have evaluations and the athletes get a sheet of paper with their team placing on it a few days after. And new athletes get an email usually I believe...
At CA we got a personal phone call from the coach of the team she would be on. At Spirit we got an email, at Heat we got an envelope that had our team inside....
Online, anonymously by number assigned at evals.
Numbers are given at tryouts then posted to the website. Last year parents almost crashed the website lol!
those trying out are given a number and the teams are later listed by number on line and at the gym
We just post the results on the front door with the day/time of the parent meeting, level, and what the practice times are. I'm pretty sure they post it by name cause most of the kids wouldn't remember their numbers anyways haha.
Old gym, posted on the website by name, so you could see where everybody ended up. New gym, I'm told it will be email.