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Dec 4, 2009
How does everyone's gym try and grow their program?

Do they focus on getting more minis? Attracting more level 5s with scholarships so they bring in the young siblings? Getting kids from.high schools?

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We offer discounts for kids that are also on a high school or popwarner team. That's one of the biggest things that gets a lot of new kids into our gym.
We had a bunch of new kids come this year from another gym that for whatever reason they were not happy with..All the parents I talk to are saying that they saw our program at comps and liked the way we present ourselves at comps, coaches, cheerleaders and parents. It helps if your teams are successful too lol. We don't have a worlds team at our location so we can't bribe anyone with that :rolleyes:
Last year we had a fairly large rec program that was used as a feeder for our all star teams. Almost everyone who was on a rec team last year is on a competition team this year. Other than that we start from the bottom - a lot of tiny/minis. We have a competitive Mini 1 team as well as a non-competitive mini team and non-competitive tiny team. A lot of parents with kids that young/inexperienced are hesitant to commit to a competitive team because of money, time commitment, etc. but feel more comfortable with the non-competitive atmosphere. After they spend a season on an exhibition team they usually move to a competitive team the next year.

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