All-Star How Many Allstar Programs Have You Cheered At?

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How many gyms have you cheered at?

  • 1

    Votes: 90 30.4%
  • 2

    Votes: 103 34.8%
  • 3

    Votes: 63 21.3%
  • 4 or more

    Votes: 40 13.5%

  • Total voters
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Dec 4, 2009
I don't think we've had this poll yet and I was just curious as to what the numbers would be like. Most people I know have cheered at atleast 2 different allstar programs.
Feel free to post what gyms! I'd like to know whose only been apart of one programs for 5 or more years (and the program obviously)
Cheer Sport Sharks in Canada for 3 years
then i moved to south carolina and have cheered at ACX charleston, this is my third year here!
i was at my first gym for 8 seasons. and then they closed. this is my second season at my current gym.
Springfield Spirit All Stars (2) , Capital Cheer(4-5?), All Star Legacy (2), & FAME All Stars (coaching now,/possibly cheering)
i was at my current gym for three years.
last year there was way to much going on in the gym, so we tried another 'local' gym, needless to say that was unsuccessful. and i am now back at my original gym, and couldn't be happier.
I cheered at a small gym in PA when I was really young called Twist and Shout Academy, which didnt have alot of teams at the time and I wanted to go to a bigger gym in Pittsburgh. I left there to cheer at what was a big gym in Pittsburgh called PAC (spin-off of the old PCC) , where I tried out but then never went there because alot of girls left to form a new gym called All-American cheer and dance elite which is now shut down (whos owner is now a head coach at Fire and Ice and is amazing :) ),after driving to All-american for 2 years for over an hour my mom basically said enough is enough and so then I went to cheer at FCA right after it switched over from being Flo's which was only about 15 min away from my house, now I coached at NEO allstars.
Also for the poll I just meant where you(or your cp) have cheered not coached.

For instance I cheered at Top Dog and Rock Solid. Coached at Rock Solid and now Rockstar Cheer. For the poll I vote 2. (If you coach and cheer then that obviously counts towards your number.)
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