High School How Much Harder Is A Full On The Gym Floor Than A Spring Floor?

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Feb 4, 2011
I really would like to know bc I think it'd be awesome to throw my full at a game but scared of how much harder it is, let me know!! :)
Have you ever tumbled on a hard floor? It definitely takes time to get used to when you are going from being used to a spring floor.
Yes I do tumble on gym floor standing tucks and running tucks and pikes and layouts..
I would work them on the hard mat first. That definitely takes some getting used to. Get comfortable there before you move to a gym floor. And obviously get very comfortable with your layouts on the gym floor. Maybe have someone spot the first few. Don't try it if you don't feel like you're ready.
I think tumbling on a gym floor is a LOT harder...it hurts your hands pretty bad and it's harder to get power but that's just my opinion. Anytime I've ever tumbled on a gym floor my tumbling's been slower and lower
Well this might help you... According to the NFHS full twisting layouts on a NON matted surface are illegal!

I think they're illegal in college as well - after that incident 4 or 5 years ago with the girl who fell off the pyramid in a time out and held up the game.
i'm used to fulling on the gym floor, it doesn't bother me at all.
sure it's harder because there's no spring, and it probably will hurt at first.. but if you use your technique and get a litttle bit more power, you should be fine!
I have to back handspring on gym floor... It hurts your hands a lot at first, but it's not that much harder. Just takes some getting used to.
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