All-Star How To Become A Judge?

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Go out and get AACCA certified, then take a judging course through one of the competition companies.
There is a certified judging certification with the USASF, and Cheer LTD also has a judging certification coming up in Fayetteville, NC at the Coaches Conference there...:fro:
If someone is interested in judging for a certain company, I highly recommend checking with them. Like @coop1984 said above, USASF offers their Safety Judge Certification. However, there are some companies that only use in-house rules folks. (A USASF course for panel judges will hopefully be coming soon!) Also, there are a number of companies that offer their own judging certification course for panel judges. Some other EP's will tell you that it's great you've taken another EP's course, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything to then in regard to their methods. That being said, before you shell out any money to take a certain course, check with those you'd like to judge for.

For a brand-new judge, there are companies that offer the course, like Cheer Ltd, that will then pass your name on to anyone looking for a judge that contacts them. Cheer Ltd keeps a list of all judges certified through them and will willingly pass on a judges info when asked by another EP or by any school hosting their own event. It's a great way to get started if you're just looking to test the judging waters and aren't picky about where you want to start. (They also offer their course periodically throughout the year at various locations besides their Coaches Conference, if you can't make that one.)
Just out of interest do you have to of coached level 6 to be judging. Ie can you judge a level without ever coaching/competing at it?
You do not have to have coached any level to judge it. Obviously, background and experience is important, but you learn by watching and doing as well. Things are ALWAYS changing and evolving, so even if you coached 5 years ago...probably NOT doing the same things now as back then. As far as how to break into the companies you are interested in judging for and see what their judging coordinator suggests. USASF does provide a certification for Safety, but if you are interested in panel judging, this isn't really necessary. Really depends on the company. I was lucky I guess and kind of fell into judging MANY years ago haha! Good luck!