High School How To Look/act At Tryouts When Your An Incoming Freshman.

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Jun 4, 2011
Hii Guys!
I am going to be a freshiie nexxt year ;) and am able to tryout for varsity in the fall. Yes i knoww very late tryout. I am EXTREMELY nervous and i would love to know how to act AND look coming into tryouts. All advise is appreciated.
Thanks so Much! ;)
dont be nervous. i know this sounds so weird but when i see freshmen walking in for tryouts they look like they're about to puke. be confident nottt cocky and obnoxious with your skills.
LOOK happy and "peppy" dont show your nerves if you have any:)
Dress appropriate- school colors, hair up, shoes on, bow in, there were 3 freshmen on my team that walked in, and because they do allstar they had on uggs and their sports bras on.. our coach called them out and we werent fond. SHOW UP READY! light make-up:)
No glitter! Clean makeup, simple hair, simple bow (go with white or a solid in a school color). Check the team website for required tryout wear. Some schools require certain things. When I was in college we were required to wear a certain color soffee shorts and a certain color sports bra, we were not allowed to wear a tshirt. However, other schools a sports bra would be a no-no.

As far as attitude....do not go in thinking you are better than everyone else-it shows. Be confident. Be willing to learn, and willing to work with different stunt partners/groups. Be practicing constantly. You are being evaluated on your work ethic just as much as your skill level.

Keep motions tight and sharp. Keep facials natural (no winks or kisses). Think of UCA or NCA staff, that's what you want to strive for in your motions, jumps and tumbling (super clean, super sharp).
wooo almost forgot. when the actual tryout process is going on. ( not the learning days but the actual moment you are trying out) SPIRIT, like all the time. after jumps, dance.. "go bears" "lets go red".... cause not only will it show school spirit but it will show your effort and that you really arent afraid to be loud and go for it.
At the tryout, if you feel over the top silly, your doing it right. The seniors called it being UCGay. like UCA ahaha. Be very peppy and smiley, do lots of facials, but also make sure your skills are good! Be very confident. Your not going to do like intense stunting so don't worry. Make sure your jumps are good and you can project your voice well. Spirit after EVERTHING. you did a jump? spirit. it shows them that you are very into it and really want to make the team. take any critisism you get with grace and say thank you and actually try and work on it, dont brush it off. it shows them that you want to improve. Be super sharp and clean. Dont go overboard with make up, just neutral like you would wear to school. Look at tryout attire but a safe bet is school colors or black and white. and wear a basic bow. no ginormous comp bows. during the tryout practice if your not doing anything practice a cheer or dance or jumps.

hope i helped!
Be confident in your abilities & ready to learn. Also ALWAYS have a positive attitude! You don't want to look nervous or doubt yourself, but you also don't want to walk in like you know it all and are better than everyone else. If you are focused on learning the material, polite to others and follow directions/ are aware of what you are supposed to be doing at that time then you will be fine :)
It looks bad to the coaches though when girls are complaining all the time, don't do stuff full out when they are supposed to be going over the material or are too busy talking to friends rather than listening to directions. It looks bad to the judges if you are too quiet/nervous (staring at the floor rather than the judges/whispering the cheer/messing up 50 times and saying "sorry can i try again" rather than just finishing it through the best you can after 1 retry), or give them scary crazy facials like some allstar kids do( just smile big and don't go overly crazy with facials: no winks, fish faces, looks like your eyes are going to pop out of your head, etc.)
As far as appearance, think All-American Cheerleader.... that means hair pulled back in a clean high pony with a plain ribbon (no bangs or whispies hanging in your face), soffee shorts, sports bra and T-shirt. Natural makeup, socks, cheer shoes and NO jewelry. They will tell you what the specific tryout attire and colors are i'm sure :)
Good Luck and let us know how it goes!
I was currently a freshman at South River and i was extremely nervous trying out even with being on a level 5 team the past 3 years. I went in there with a positive attitude, hair up with a bow and what MissBee said clean makeup. You have to go into the tryouts with the mind set that you can make Varsity! Show off how great you are and how bad you want to be on the team. Goodluck and you got it :)