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Dec 15, 2009
I was looking around on the NCA page on and noticed that they had the list of bid winners for NCA Nationals. I was reading over the list and noticed that HPU is not listed. Do they not usually go to camp in Vegas every year? Did they not go this year? Not sure if this counts all the teams that held private camps or not. Then I thought maybe they are doing video submission but that would be really expensive to get the teams to Daytona since you don't get paid bids from video entries (i think anyway). Anyone know anything about HPU and their bids?

Maybe I am just blind but I have looked over the list 20+ times and still don't see them?
Possibly it isn't updated? If Varsity is slow like USASF..........?
I know for a fact USASF is really slow at updating their World's bid list. My daughter's team, although it was always a paid bid, was left off the list every year until just about the week of Worlds.
@notagain all those were from summer camps, so it shouldn't be a problem to have a correct list. With worlds bids the list changes all of the time.
I thought maybe it wasn't updated at first but like tntdynomite said they are from camp so they should all be up minus those who will qualify by video and I am almost positive you only get an invite from those not any sort of money.

It is just odd to not see their name on the list anywhere for some sort of paid bid because the travel from Hawaii to Daytona has to be super expensive. I would think they are still competeing since they are sending stunt groups to UCA.
i think they just dont go to camp, and the bid you get at camp doesnt pay for much (at least thats how our coach makes it seem)
They usually go to camp in Las Vegas however they were not there this year...
My guess would be that they are just sending in a video.

Travel from Hawaii to anywhere is expensive so the cost of going to camp probably outweighed the money they would recieve from the paid bid, just a guess.

A bid only reduces the entrance fee and comps a few hotel rooms...
Video submissions have to be into NCA/Varsity no later than January 14, the vid decisions won't be made as of yet.
We have a really good friend who cheers there and I don't remember him going to camp last summer. It seems he just went to Hawaii a few weeks before school started.....but I'm not sure.
HPU didn't go to camp this year. The money that the university forks out to keep the 90 cheerleaders, dancers, mascots, and coaches in a hotel, rent charter buses, and rent space for cheer and dance to practice well exceeds the price of what they would have to pay for if they didn't get the paid bid (what is it? 5 hotel rooms and entry fees?).. They decided it's not worth it..
I took too long to edit my thing.. this is what I wanted to add.. First.. I meant that it well exceeds the price of what they would have to pay for if they DID get the paid bid. I also pointed out that camp is the first time that the teams meet each other, so they meet a week early.. That's an extra week of hotel stay and an extra week of bus rental.

The university used to pay for camp, but the kids fundraise/pay for nationals. So basically, it's cheaper for the university to nix camp, and just consolidate the cost into the nationals fees for the kids.
Oh that makes sense. I didn't know that the school had cut out their funding for that.
Unfortunately, school's cutting cheer related funds is a bad trend lately. I fear it will only spread. Scholorships, as well as misc. cheer costs being covered, are being cut back or scrapped. Economics? I don't know...since tuition is going up astronomically, I would think the schools would have more money to spread around. I guess that's not the case, though. :(

(I am speaking of all Jucos and Universites, not specifically HPU)
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