All-Star NEWS: Cheer Athletics Austin faces backlash, new Large Coed team & more 🗞️

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Sep 12, 2020

Cheer Athletics Austin faces backlash for hiring choreographer​

Cheer Athletics’ Austin gym location is facing backlash after hiring choreographer Brandon Hale in the past week. For some context, Hale was involved in this lawsuit that we reported on, amongst other accusations:

This time, it’s against “ShowPro Choreography”, specifically Taji Davis and Brandon Hale + Varsity, the USASF & others.
(Yes, that’s the same Brandon Hale as this: “Cheer choreographer allegedly pushed boyfriend off third-floor walkway, then livestreamed the aftermath“)
The company has worked with some of the top cheer teams, and this is not the first time they have been accused of misconduct. Here’s what this article says about the new lawsuit:
“The latest lawsuit in a series alleging widespread sexual misconduct across competitive cheerleading alleges that officials allowed two choreographers to continue working after they were investigated for sexual abuse.”
Hale was put on USASF’s “Ineligible List“, but was later removed.

“The USASF/ USA Cheer ineligible list – which you can view here – is intended to keep track of industry participants who have been charged with (or convicted of) crimes. It is also intended to track coaches, choreographers and other adults who have engaged in (…) any action of misconduct … determined to not serve the (sport’s) best interests.”
Cheer Athletics Austin now faces backlash after it was revealed that Hale was hired to work with teams. Here’s what the gym has said about the situation.

There is a new Large Coed team​

The internet went crazy when word started going around about a brand-new Large Coed team 👀 The rumors were found to be true - Phoenix Elite Code Red competed this weekend (at Battle at the Boardwalk, see the routine here) and won an At-large bid to Worlds (learn more about bids here)!

They'll be going up against the only other teams left in the division: Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and Top Gun TGLC.

Speaking of these few Large Coed teams, do you think the division will go away soon? Vote in the poll here!

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