Hs Team Not Allow To Compete?

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Cheer Parent
Apr 21, 2011
Any High School teams out there in which their school will not allow them to have a competition squad? If so, what are some of the reasons....
i don't know about school cheer but my allstar program will not allow an individual to do winter cheerleading for school during competition season if it interferes with allstars.
In my town there's a whole conference that doesn't compete due to coaching. There's been a lot of controversy over cheerleading in schools in my town, but this one event triggered the competition to be shut down. Long story short a girl passed out and the coach didn't call paramedics, lawsuits and stuff were threatened, and the conference decided it was time to get rid of competitive cheer. the coach was already notorious for stealing money out of the cheer funds and such. the practice she passed out in was for competition practice that's why they targeted that. In my town private schools are still able to compete, but those in that specific conference are obviously not.