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Mar 25, 2010
i successfully gave up facebook and fierceboard for lent :)
and lent is conveniently over just in time for worlds! lol

and, I wanted to post so badly because I was so excited, (i actually broke my facebook one for this)
bragging time, I GOT INTO THE ATHLETIC TRAINING PROGRAM AT SLIPPERY ROCK!!! we start with about 150 students, and only 25 get in, and I was one of 25 :) just wanted to share the news. hope everyone is well and fully prepared for my word vomit of sarcasm and rainbows and butterflies!!!!

peace, love, and happy cheering

Good for you, and congrats!

I enjoyed my cup of coffee this morning immensely
Welcome back! Glad you got into the program you were telling me about. Still don't know what I'm going to end up doing.
I am so proud of you, Chrissy!! :D AH! Congrats on getting into the athletic training program!!! I wish we had all the old smilies so I could go crazy smiley on this post! That sounds like a huge honor and very exciting :)
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