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Is all about that bass
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Dec 4, 2009
I figured there was a KTMAI, why not one for stunters. I am going to make a badge for this.

Why? I like the old school style where there were elite tumblers and there were elite stunters (Think NCA college 2003). So I think it is time to make a comeback.

Any guess what IHMO means?
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Does anyone have a good picture of someoen stunting by themselves for me to make a badge with? I am going to silhouette it out like the NBA logo and Jerry West. I prefer an interesting angle.
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I dont think that would translate to silhouette well. I think a liberty is a better option. I would use this picture of me and my wife stunting if her hand wasnt cut off and she wasnt in jeans. Something more like this.

I have hundreds of pictures King, Feel free to use what ever.. They are all posted on my FB. If you need the raw image I can email it to you