All-Star I Wish That I Could Have This Moment For Life

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Jun 22, 2011
That song has been stuck in my head all day, but it gave me the idea to start a thread where people could post about cheer related things they experienced that were so awesome they want to feel like that forever. Like winning NCA, getting a back handspring, receiving a paid bid to worlds.

My cheer moment I wish I could have for life would be when my team won Return to Atlantis. A few of the girls on my team including myself had just had someone close to all of us pass away, and we decided we wanted to dedicate our performances that weekend to her memory. We weren't in first after day one, but I feel like she was the reason we came together even stronger day two. When they announced us in first, we started to cry with joy. Such an emotional moment for us.

That is my moment for life. What's yours?

Mine's not as emotional/inspiring as yours but here it is :)

My first NCA win.

We had not had the best season leading up to it and our team had changed multiple times, causing us to go into NCA with a new routine. I was extra nervous because they had put my two to full back in the routine, which I had never hit before in competition. Day 1 wasn't great with a stunt fall along with other smaller mistakes (including me taking several large steps to not bust my two to full). Miraculously we were headed into day 2 in second place. We were all even more nervous as we wanted to fix our mistakes and there were some minor changes. Even though we put our heart on the mat in that performance, we still had a tumbling bust and didn't think we had it won. So when they called our name it was the best feeling! Not only was I surprised, but for those of you who know, there's nothing like your first NCA win, when you're standing with the confetti falling and your teammates screaming :)
Mine is similiar to your's yooolizzi. This is actually a high school cheer moment though. A really talented musican/athlete from our school had passed away. It hit hard for everybody. We had a realllly rough season that year. With girls quitting and girls who have never cheered before joining, we really had to pull together. We walked out onto the competition mat holding up his number. & we took first place.
this year at u.s. spirit nationals the junior 3 team i was on won 1st & grand champs. it was sosoo emotional because none of our teams had ever won there before & this team had soo many struggles in the beginning of the season with stunt groups, teams changing, & injuries. day 1 we we're in 4th for grand champs & they had said we set the record for moving up with the most points between day 1 & 2 (with no deductions). at awards we were so happy we won we weren't even paying attention to grand champs until they called our name & the ironic thing is that at awards a couple of my friends & i were singing moment for life! :)
When I won worlds... lol jk, that hasnt happened yet.

But anyways, mine would be winning Cheersport. I had been the previous 3 years and every year we always bombed one day then had mistakes the second day, we never finished above fifth place. This time we hit nearly perfect the first day and were so excited because we were in second and, without the mistake we had a slight chance at winning. The second day was good but we still had a mistake. When awards came around and we were not called in second my whole team just started balling because we had no idea we'd win. We thought with the mistake hands down there was no way, but we were wrong!! It was one of the best moments, i wish i could go back.
Winning the first regional championship with my then newly founded team and finishing off first on the ranking for nationals... I was so overwhelmed! :.(
And we had also organized the championship location and everything and put in a lot of work. It was just a magic moment. <3
My moment would also be from Cheersport...Back when it was called Youth Large Advanced, Instead of Large Youth 5. I don't even think Worlds had began yet so Cheersport really was like one of the biggest competition besides NCA.
We were in second after the first day.
I remember we were the first team to go on the second day so after we hit PERFECT so I sat and watched the whole division. I remember seeing the team in first go on hit everything and feeling bad when they got to the dance cause they had probably won. And then the extension at the VERY end of the routine fell.
I remember being so nervous at awards, because it was very possible that we could have taken the top spot. I would remember that Winning moment for the rest of my life. My coach almost always looked perfect, and I looked over and she was crying and had make-up running down her face. We got our leather jackets, and went on to be the first team in my programs history to go undefeated for the entire season! It was such an awesome experience.
One of my many moments, as a cheer mom, was at a Jam event during cp's first year in all star. There was a special needs team from a small gym performing. Though we heard nastiness and rivalry all weekend long, when that team took the floor, every athlete, parent, and coach, regardless of gym or level, got to their feet and supported that team. Everyone screamed their heads off like they were in the Milk House. I looked around, at that moment, and had a renewed faith in all humanity. I knew there was more to cheerleading than glitter and fulls.
When my daughter's team, which hadn't won a competition all season long got 1st place at US Finals over 31 teams. It was one of the most exciting moments in my life and watching all the emotion between the coaches and parents was incredible. I still get goosebumps when I think of it and tears in my eyes when I see photos, even if she goes on to win Worlds some day in my mind that moment will never be duplicated <3
When my 4.2 team won National Grand Champs 2010 at Cheer and Dance Extreme. The competition was really fierce between 4.2s and there were other level 4 and 5 teams that we beat out to get it. When the announcer called Cheer Challenge, we expected it to be out SR4, until he said Power, and we all freaked out. I have the video of when they announced it and the looks on my teams faces are priceless

Coaching a Special Needs team at the same comp and having the entire convention center give those kids a standing ovation. It's a really unifying feeling. All the coaches and helpers were crying because those kids deserve more applause than anyone else and they were so happy and proud of themselves.

My first Tiny comp. We had had a really rough start to our season with a lot of parent issues. Those little girls went out and hit perfect, kicked butt, and got 1st place. They don't even understand what that means, but it was one of my proudest moments.
okay it'sa HS moment but still...
Last year we started off really strong. But their was this one girl who was never really ever committed so we had to change things for the routine for her alll the time so it would it. At the national qualifer, we didn't do the greatest. We came once place awayfrom qaulifying for nationals (which was our goal for the year.) Our only other option was to send in a video, and hope to get a bid but it had never worked for anyone in our area before. We sent in the video and waited. and waited. The video wasn't up to our best standards due to said cheerleader above, so no one thought it would work. But by some miracle it worked, and we got our bid to nationals. It was one of the happiest days ever haha.