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Feb 11, 2010
Hey again everyone, as you all know icc is no longer, and we are now ICE. We have all been through alot this year as most of you have probably read in the previous thread, but to help INSPIRE get a move on with our season we will be having a fundraiser. The inspire kids will be having an auction. I will be posting pictures in an album on my facebook of old uniforms as well as a new ICC INSPIRE uniform that we can no longer use...up for auction will be...


pretty much anything we can find that we cannot use anymore.. i got this idea from another boy on the boards who said people would be willing to participate...I will have a starting bid as the caption on each item, and what ever the final price is, i will have to add 5-10 dollars for shipping just an FYI.
I do not know when this is going to happen, I will be collecting the cloths bows ect. tomorrow at practice and then will have a follow up message on this thread, i just wanted to know who was interesting in this first before I start everything. So who would be interested?!
I no I probably sound like a broken record because all I keep saying is thanks you this means the world to me and my team, but honestly I cannot thank you all enough! This is a really tough time for all of us and every little bit helps! We wont let any of you down! Thank you all so much for your support, im trying to get the final details for this fundraiser and then ill update you all, im guessing by tomorrow night!

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