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Jan 21, 2015
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Big news! In the last week, Cheer Canada received provisional National Olympic Committee recognition for cheeerleading in Canada, and the Hellenic Cheerleading Federation was granted National Olympic Committee recognition in Greece!

Why is this big news? Because the more individual national sports federations (like USA Cheer in America) who gain recognition from their National Olympic Committee means it helps the International Cheer Union on its path to full sport recognition from the International Olympic Committee.

Does this mean cheer will be in the Olympics soon? At the moment, no. The main push for the ICU to be given full sports recognition is so we are allowed to govern our sport, and not be governed by another organization, like gymnastics or dance. The ICU is working hard to gain recognition so we can all continue to build, support and grow the way we want to, without someone else imposing their rules on us. Is it perfect? Not yet! But as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, the ICU is truly supporting the grassroots growth of cheer internationally.