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Jan 5, 2011
OMG. @Mamarazzi is officially the BEST. PERSON. EVER.:)

As many of you know, i've recently been in the hospital. I've been a little mopey and sad about it, as well as being super stressed, because they still can't figure out what is wrong. I've been (sort of) laughing because I have to use one of those day of the week pill boxes because of all the medicine they gave me.

Mamarazzi has been there for me through all of this (long distance of course, but still there). As a fellow cheer mom, she "gets it" - that the one thing I was probably most upset about is the thought that I might have to take my kids out of cheer. :( So far it looks like I won't, but I was worried for a minute.

Well, I just got the nicest present at work. The receptionist came and dropped a package on my desk, and I immediately figured it must be some cheer thing I'd forgotten that I ordered. NOPE. It's a FAME shirt and a blinged pink and purple 7-day pill box, complete with sparkly gold lettering that says "Just a Mom"!!! With a note that says "If you have to take a million pills, do it with styyyyyyle"

I actually met her on here - so for anyone who thought that all that was on Fierce Board is drama... let me tell you that there are some reeeeally good people on here. This just made my day - literally. I seriously almost cried at my desk - how nice is it to know that someone a thousand miles away took time out of their life to brighten my day?

Just wanted to throw it out there that I now have living breathing proof that not all cheer moms are "cheer moms".

(And I am totally gonna be rockin' my sparkly pill box from now on...I might put vitamins in it too just so I can get it out more often! :p)

(***Mods - you can move this, I just didn't know where to post it)
Really, you ladies are in for an amazing experience of having friends all over the country!!

My best in real life friends, I made on the old Pro X board many many years ago. We were then and to this day eachs other's biggest fans! I seriously don't know how I'd make it through 1 day without each and every one of them!! At the time we were all cheer moms. Now, all these years later, we have some who have aged out, some who will age out soon, some still with Mini age kids. And we love each other and each other's kids like they were their own. I could send 1 of my kids off to just about any competition in the country and KNOW that they are being taken care of just like I would take care of them. And it all happened online.

I love you Glenda, Mary, Nancy, Terri (Feathers), Bill (Acie), Jen, Arleen, Kay, Gina, Mel, Felicia, Nancy, Cheryl and RIP our friend Marsha (We love and miss you!)

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