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Nov 5, 2021
Help! So two days ago I found out I got I have tendinitis in my right wrist and yesterday I felt the same thing in my left wrist while stunting! We have competition tomorrow in Nashville TN what can I do to help from hurting my wrists anymore? I am a base and I intended on still being one. What can I do?


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Jul 10, 2010
I'm no expert, but once had tendinitis before a big comp myself. I did use a splint during any non-cheer time to not aggravate the condition more, and then after the competition, I did take enough time off from cheer to let my hand heal completely. I was lucky as it wasn't a chronic condition for me and just from a lot of extra practices before this specific comp.

Maybe @luv2cheer92 could help some more.
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Jun 6, 2012
If you don't address the cause, you will create the domino effect. A brace, rest and icing will help temporarily, but focus on finding the solution. Have someone video your stunts and tumbling and having a good technical coach look at it.

For my daughter, tendinitis was caused by undercutting her bhs, and the worse it got, the more she began throwing it to one side. Repeating it over and over set it to muscle memory. It wasn't until she went to a good tumble coach that asked her if she was hurting or had an injury, and based on her answer, he told us he was going to work on tuck drills instead of a bhs. We thought he was crazy, but tuck drills taught her to jump equally on both feet again.....while giving rest to her wrist. He addressed her arc and in a few weeks she had a beautiful bhs, and her wrist never hurt again.

Whether it's your technique, someone else's, overuse and/or too many reps, you need to have someone figure out what is causing it and it has to be addressed for you to heal.
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