International open allgirl 5?

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Aug 2, 2010
what teams are going international allgirl this year?
i have heard georgia are haven't heard about anyone else though!!
CEA will have one after cheersport I believe.
And I've heard rumors of cheer factor from MA having one? Not sure if it's true.

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there's a thread about in allstar. You'd have to search for it, but it has a pretty decent list. Supposedly we're having one (az power), not in place of our small senior or coed team, but in addition to. For some reason people keep thinking that we're getting rid of our small senior team lol
georgia cocos, cheer station, full house jokers, cheerforce wolfpack, cheerforce envy, cali sparkle, power, gymtyme pink, cheer athletics fiercekatz, hawaiian style cheer?, empire elite, spirit athletics? theres more, do we know which ones have bids?
I think Rockstar Killers have an at large and so do CA fiercekatz
so theres a wiki page with all the bids listed, nca really increased the # of teams going to worlds in this division
WNY Outlaw Allstars -Black Bullets - were International AG 5!! got a bid to worlds and hopefully getting a paid bid this year.. i know last year the only ag i5 team to get a full paid bid was gymtyme pink and they won .. they are AMAZINGG