All-Star Is It Normal To Not Have Music Yet?

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Jan 5, 2011
My daughter is doing a partial season team, which started in February. They're only doing 2 competitions. The first one is April 10, which is a week from Sunday! So they've now been practicing for 7 weeks, and I must say they look pretty good. But my daughter says they still don't have their actual music. :eek: Is this normal? They've just been practicing to other music--and they're expecting their music at the end of this week. So if we're really lucky they'll get 2 practices with the correct music.

One coach says they'll be really prepared--because they know the routine by count instead of with the music. The other says "This is ridiculous. I have never heard of a team going to competition with music they've never even heard before."

I know it's a short season, and the music guy usually has a lot more time, but is this normal to have no music a week before a comp? And since I've never cheered, which coach do you guys think is right--that they'll be so prepared they can do the routine no matter what, or that they need the music to learn the routine to it?
That happened to us this season. Both our mini and tiny teams didn't get their music until a week before their first competition, and they did ok. But they are still at the age where the coaches sit in front of the floor and direct them, but they did fine. There was no mass confusion, etc, at the first competition :)
I definitely agree that knowing the routine to counts is very beneficial, although, if you're dealing with a younger age range of kids, having new music can def throw a monkey wrench into things. But honestly, I think 2 practices with the music should be fine. Really, all you need is one. The first run through may be a little rough, but once they connect the dots they'll be fine =)
My team got our music the night before we competed at a big 2-day competition.

I guess it really depends on what level they are. But you have to figure, they've been together for 7 weeks, so when was the routine finalized? 3 weeks ago? And music usually takes 2-3 weeks to get. Especially since a lot of teams are getting their music redone for worlds, so this isn't the busiest music time, but its definitely 2nd.
They are Senior 3, but most of them have never cheered All-star before--I think my daughter and 2 other people? The majority of them have never done all-star, been to an all-star competition, or done a routine without an actual cheer in it.:) We're not too worried--it's only 2 competitions and like I said, it's just a partial season team. My daughter really only even signed up because it was one of the only teams still taking people this late in the year. She's having a blast with these girls and it's keeping her in the gym until the new season starts.

I don't think the guy doing it is doing any music for any Worlds team though...:oops: He's new to the biz...
They should be ok. I've heard of teams getting music the night before a comp and still doing fine. If the coaches are good at preparing the kids then they'll be great! I tell my kids "it's just music" the first time we go full out with it (they tend to freak out and rush through). We also sit together and listen to it and "mark it" and listen for cues a few times before we do anything.

I'd say it's pretty normal although i've never had that happen with any of my teams. I wouldn't stress too much if it did tho...
My half season team is a youth 1 team with no music. But we're getting it Sunday - thankfully since their first competition is next weekend.
I think this is pretty common. I wouldn't worry too much.
Thanks for all your responses guys! My daughter seemed to not be worried. Guess she was right--I'm so paranoid, I always think everything is WRONG! :)
How exciting for them! Just wait and see. They will be so thrilled to have their own music with what I am sure will be AWESOME voiceovers that they will preform like they've always had it! As my daughter has told me in the past an 8 count is an 8 count is an...:confused:
I believe I got my music the Wednesday before the first competition this year. I'm also on a Senior 3 team and we did fine, as long as they've been doing it to SOME music they should be good.
ya i think it will be fine!
our team got our music right before our 1st comp and it was fine