All-Star Is It True ?

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Mar 28, 2010
apparently at the big meeting tonight over at east brunswick CJA PA told all parents that she can no longer proceed being there cheer director and that things did not work out the way she wanted them too.Is this true is there no longer two cja locations and is there a comet all stars again? feedbackk pleassee !
Oh no! :( I was really looking forward to what this combining of talents would bring in the upcoming season, so I'm definitely bummed if this is true.
NJ Cheer Factory is once again the home of the Comet All Stars. All cheerleaders practicing in this location will continue to practice under the direction of the current coaches.

Any cheerleaders interested in joining the Comet family are urged to contact the gym or myself to come in for team placement. There will be a team for all athletes of ALL levels.

All other services and classes provided by NJCF will continue as normal. NJCF is currently expanding and will be introducing new programs throughout the summer.

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Rich, can I ask why CJA isnt taking over comets anymore, or is it personal?
No one knows the details for sure besides Patty Ann.

NJ Cheer Factory and Comet Allstars will continue as planned before the all star change took place. There is a plan in place and the allstar program as well as NJCF are now in good trustworthy hands.
sooo comet all stars is still a all star cheerleading team that will continue the same way like the previous years ?
rumor has it that NJCF was too much in debt and PA didnt want to deal with it ... if its true, i honestly cant blame her
The Comet All Star name will be back and continue.

PA was given the opportunity to purchase the facility and declined. As it stood previous to that conversation, she was merely running the allstar program and was separate from the facility/rent and all of the things that went along with it.
My coach told me this tonight.

I'm happy for the Comets athletes, I've heard that tons of them were unhappy/ being forced to quit because of the cost of cheering at CJA. (Nothing against the program itself)