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I don't think the folks at apple have yet discovered the needs of cheerleaders and dancers everywhere quite yet. I'd be surprised if there was one
Initially I lolled! And then I realised it's kind of a genius idea. Esp if you could set it to count 46 (or however many) 8 counts. I searched but could not find. Pity I'm not studying fancypants app development or I'd definitely make one. And add features to be able to write notes for transitions/stunts/tumbling and maybe even pictures for mat placement.
I believe there is. I came across something like that once but it costs money and I had no use for it so I didn't buy it to see if it's really that.
Hahaha there isnt an app that can count 8 counts for you but there IS an app called 8Counts that lets you write out routines and formations in a table-like format!

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