Is There Favoritism Shown In The Cheer World.

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Dec 12, 2011
For example the first half of last season shooting stars looked pretty bad and wasn't hitting. People kept it really positive and stayed optimistic. Tsu looks really bad and I agree but people seem to be so much more harsh on Tsu. I would think it would be the other way around since Tsunami just got good and shooting stars has been good forever. Just something I have noticed. How do you pick who gets a pass on looking bad?
I think if they have a history of being amazing they will get a "pass" especially this early into the season!
When teams have rough weeks, you have your positive comments and your negative comments no matter who you are.
I think that some teams are given an advantage over other teams. Is this fair? no, but I believe that this does happen in the cheer world. A name is more than a name: it identifies who you are and what prestigious gym you are from and it can even remind them that this team and their gym have a history of doing well and scoring well in the past. The unknown teams must prove themselves because they are not a recognized team, but they can create a name for themselves by hitting a great routine. This doesn't happen all the time at all events, but I think some do favor the well known teams, and not neccasarily the teams from the smaller or newer or unknown teams.