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Feb 18, 2016
Coach / Athlete
what Jamfest is doing this year with schedules is wrong, this stuff should have been out a long time ago.

I know the coaches have tentative schedules so I don't understand the issue in releasing them to the public as well? Our coaches stated there's only one other Open 4 team attending (some Wisconsin gym), so that information is coming from somewhere, and that somewhere is a tentative schedule they've had since mid December. What reason does Jamfest have for not releasing it, other than accounts not paid (which they could just star or asterisk as maybe not attending)
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Jan 25, 2019
Well, maybe it's not the complete schedule but at least there's some sort of schedule out for Jamfest 2020 - JAMfest - 2020 Cheer Super Nationals.pdf

I'm waiting for the FTP East one (For witch tix have been on sales for at least a week or more) since we, as parents, have to plan ahead...for us, it's a 7h drive and it might mean we'll have to miss work on friday or monday or both depending on the schedule.

Don't know why they keep us in the dark...I know it doesn't mean much to them but we probably won't be able to make it on so short notice so they'll have 2 less paying customers just because they can't get, at least, a tentative schedule up.

By the way, if anyone here can get their hands on the schedule (Maybe I'm not looking in the right places...) please pass along, thank you !
Aug 4, 2014
Tuesday before and schedule just got posted - a little ridiculous isnt it? Not a fan of these late day postings of schedules.
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