Jr. teams at worlds

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i dont know why they took juniors out i loved watching them! i also believe its not fair either because the junior teams can do everything the seniors can except at a younger age which technically makes them just as good
Will they bring them back????
Worlds is something kids should look forward to....why should 10 year olds get to go? Seriously, they can wait lol.
I think they stopped having them because more and more senior and international teams are going every year so they don't have enough time to have junior divisions as well? idk for sure if thats the reason so don't quote me on it.
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I love watching Junior as well as Youth L5 teams as well, but Worlds has gotten pretty close to maxing the capacity of the Milkhouse and Josten Ctr.

They are great to see there, but the fact is that there are comparatively much less L5 Junior teams than all the other divisions they are trying to pack into that weekend.

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