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Mar 24, 2010
My youngest daughter Andrea (on our youth 4 team) was given the awesome opportunity to sing the National Anthem at an OU men's basketball game. Here is her performance:

** Admin if you need to move this, I understand. I just knew the all star section gets the most readers. :)
I saw this when you upload on youtube. I usually don't watch sining videos. But I watched this and I she is soooo goood!! She messed up a little and the begining but she just smile and sang again. Adrea is amazing!
Can you also post the link, so Phone Boarders can see?
She did, lol! She said she wasn't sure if she was supposed to start singing yet or not. haha She composed herself really well and just started over. :) Thank you so much for watching. They have asked her back to sing at 3 more games in January and March. :)
For some reason when I just copy and paste the link it brings up the whole video...I don't know how to just put a link I guess...
Sooooooooo...these kids of yours. Not so much on being bad at stuff, huh?:D Anything they're NOT amazing at? She sings beautifully!

Awe, thank you! :) I wish I could say their talent comes from their mama, but I think God just randomly selected them to be good at things. haha I always remind them though that there are many others out there even better and that they need to keep working hard at what they do. :)