All-Star Kiara Senior Elite

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Jan 16, 2011
Does anyone know what happened to her? I saw on facebook that everyone was writing on her wall for her to "feel better" and "get well soon" and such... poor thing whatever it is i hope she heals quickly!!!!
Courtney Pope posted this on her wall, so it HAS to be something serious:

"In all my years as a coach...I have never seen a WHOLE team so devastated about their friend...people I have never seen cry in their lives broke down tonight....You are soo very loved and appreciated."
juliet on twitter: On to the next hard task... Going back to sr elite after finding out my back spot dislocated her arm... Hmm
Kiara hurt her elbow, and for privacy reasons will not discuss, but she was treated and should recover completely over the next few months. Another blow to the team. She is probably the best all around athlete on the team and is a fabuolous cheerleader and track star. We'll see how everyone responds, again.
Not again... there are way too many injuries around this time of the season :(
Wishing her a speedy recovery!!
Not open for further replies.