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May 18, 2010
OK, so my friends and I were having this discussion yesterday... interested to see what some opinions are on this. We were talking about how the possible new age division rules would effect youth, and I said it's going to make youth look a lot more like junior, and junior a lot more like senior. So, I was thinking...

We always rant about how there are too many divisions, not enough competition, etc... what if we eliminated a division and made the other divisions coincide more with grammar/rec/school ages?

"Mini"- exhibition only, up to age 6
Youth- elementary school aged, so maybe maxed out at 10
Junior- middle school aged, so maybe maxed out at 14
Senior- high school aged, 13+

Go ahead, discuss:)
I like this idea a lot. The age breaks you have outlined are also in line with where schools typically change (Elementary to Middle School to High School). This is done based on developmental milestones and socially appropriate behaviors exhibited by children in those age ranges.
The way you have it outlined it falls right into the school breaks:
Mini (up to 6 years old), typically start K at 5 or 6
Youth (up to age 10), typically 5th graders are 10 or 11
Junior (up to age 14), typically middle schoolers are between 11-14
Senior (13-18), high schoolers are typically 14-18

This helps eliminate the inappropriateness of a 12 year old on a Sr team. #1-it's not appropriate for a 12 year old to be exposed to the conversation topics that are typical of 16-18 year olds. Would you let your 12 year old hang out with them on a Fri night? No, so don't put them on a Sr team-because when they talk about on Fri night is what they'll talk about during breaks at practice. #2-I'm not impressed, in the least, by three 130 pound 18 year olds holding up an 80 pound 12 year old.
So what you are proposing is not to consider the kid's individual skill level but age only? So if a 9 year old has level 4 skills but only has 1 gym in their town and it is a youth 1 or 2 (based on the majority of the girls skill level), they would be forced to be on a youth 1? I think that would kill cheerleading, girls would switch over to competitive gymnastics instead. Or am I misundestanding your proposal?

As far as girls being exposed to high school drama, they are not necessarily being exposed depending on the gym, how coaches run practice, and other girls. My daughter is on a Youth 2 team right now, not skilled enough for Jr/Sr however, she is the youngest of 4 kids. Her brothers are 9, 16, and 18, so she is exposed to teen talk regardless.
That is very libertarian of you.

Absolutely. With no real data one way or the other, yall will bake this cake for a few years and see. Nothing wrong with that, sometimes progress occurs with less than adequate "proof" of need and comes out for the best. Hope so.
There are currently 5 age ranges and 5 skill levels for the General population. (yes I understand there is level 6, but for this discussion it is irrelevant). I believe for the sport to continue to grow you need to get make it either 4 age ranges or 4 skill levels or even better, 4 of both.

The only problem with your proposal is we will have to wait another two years for it. Wish you would have said it 6 months ago.
I must say that I am not completely opposed to this, but I have yet to hear any reasons FOR it. If you voted yes for this, what are your reasons? Make your case!