High School Knee Drops

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Jul 4, 2011
Are knee drops still illegal for high-schoolers? I was looking in the UCA and AACCA rules, but I can only find that knee drops are defined in the glossary - nothing about them in the rules section.

Section G
Tumbling and Jumps
7. Landings for all jumps must bear weight on at least one foot. (Example : A toe touch jump or kick to a hurdler position, to the seat, knees, or landing with both feet back, or to a push-up position are prohibited.)
8. Knee drops are prohibited.
I coach a rec team in MA, and we just had a our first competition on Saturday. We use the NFHS spirit rules in our league, and we got a 5pt deduction for a "knee drop". Originally, I thought this was because one of our stunts involves a reload from a cradle, and one of our groups missed the flyers foot and her knee hit the ground, but now I'm not sure....

Is a knee drop when any cheerleader goes straight to her knees from a standing position? In the past, I've put this in my routines and we've never had an issue, so this is out of the blue. Can someone clarify exactly what this means?
Yes,that would count as an illegal knee drop. If the knee drop is from standing down it will be a deduction. It either has to be a slow drop (crouch down then kneel) or use your hands as well.
I didn't think to look for it in jumps and tumbling... Whoops!

In MN hardly any of our local competitions will actually give deductions. They usually just give warnings. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a rule system all together if you ask me.