All-Star Rec Cheer Team Attending Competition Following USASF Level 3 Rules

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Jan 29, 2023
Hi! I coach a senior rec cheer team and we’re attending a competition next month that has us following the USASF level 3 rules for stunts and pyramids. It’s been a while for me in terms of all-star/competitive cheer, so I just want to make sure nothing I plan on upgrading within our routine is illegal. I also want to make sure nothing I have in my routine is illegal for level 3, but legal within our league.

Inversions: they are allowing them from the ground up. Does that mean my flyers can walkover into the stunt and my bases can push them to prep level?

Tumbling out of a cradle: if I have my flyers half twist out of an arabesque (currently in our routine), can they walkover out of the cradle with the guidance of the catcher?

Extended single legs: this is a dumb question, but we CAN extend and pull body positions, right? Our league allows this and I’m pretty sure level 3 also does. And if I wanted to do a guided tick tock from a prep to an extension, that would also be allowed, right?

Pyramid: we currently have a show and go where the flyer kicks her left leg and they extend (braced) to a suspended split up to an extended lib tick tock. Is this allowed?

I am a very anxiety ridden coach, and I don’t want to miss anything that could possibly get us in trouble/disqualified. From my knowledge, I think we’re okay, but just want to be sure.

Any and all help is appreciated!!!! Thanks so much!!!