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Feb 28, 2010
Okay so I have 2 problems.
1. Right now I wear a pair of ace braces that just slide on so i constantly have to pull them up. But I really like that they don't constantly come undone and i don't have to tape them at comps. They also have a mesh material that is really irritating during choreo type stuff that I'll have to kneel for extended amounts of time. Can anyone recommend a new pair for me? (I have relatively mild knee issues, nothing totally major)
2. In my team's dance I'm constantly on the ground so I have terrible rugburn. Is there anything I could put under my braces just to wear at practice so it doesn't get worse? I'll put up with it at comps but if we're working on dance over and over it realllly hurts haha

Thanks in advance :)
Well i'm not sure about the braces, but as for the rug burn. You could try wrapping your knee with tape or just anything to keep direct contact with the material causing it at a minimum. And of course make sure whatever you use won't move on you 'cause then it won't help at all. Like once I ran in my ankle weights at practice and uy rubbed off a patch of skin and I had to take them off for the rest of practice 'cause It hurt. But next practice I bandaged it and wore high socks. That remedied the situation. It still hurt a little because of the area still being sensitive from having the skinn rubbed off but it worked. I wish I had done that beforehand.

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