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Jan 31, 2011
I've often wondered if all the excessive stretching we do to young girls backs cause their bones to form incorrectly. It would be interesting to see the number of flier who wound up with scoliosis later in life. I know 3 personally. I don't know if there's a correlation.
Mar 24, 2010
Alpharetta, GA
Retired From Cheer
I'm still cheering but my body sounds like rice krispies and when I wear fake nail they look like I put them on wrong because they're crooked but it my actual finger thats crooked. Plus I can't really wear heels because of ankle problems.


Staff member
Cheer Parent
Apr 23, 2011
Shall I offer some hope?
I had beginning stages of arthritis in my knees and ankles from ten plus years training as a ballerina. Eventually stopped because of crippling joint pain. Had a few years doing nothing, then took up cheer a year ago and my joints have never been better. I don't tumble much - dislocated elbow and now major mental block - which is what I understand causes a lot of injuries and problems, but I partner stunt 4-5 hours a week, and have squad training 6-8 hours a week. I think the regular exercise and realigning my legs to stand straight rather than turned out has really eased the stress points in my joints and made them more functional for everyday living - no more retired dancer's duck walk! I still have to pop out my hips and crack my right ankle in the morning, but life is feeling so much better - esp in winter when the aches really used to set in.

I think the international level teams offer a great chance for alum to get back into it because they don't stress tumbling so much in the scoring, giving you an option to not have to throw passes if other team members have got it covered. One of our international teams built their squad with the 8 flyers, 8 coed bases, 8 tumblers rule, and if people could cross over from tumbling to flying/basing it was an added bonus.
19 & starting back in cheer and my twisted ankle (by a roundoff btw) from freshman year in high school starts to bother me during long drives (right ankle) and when i am on it long during cheer-related things...
Dec 14, 2009
The Queen of Queens
Retired From Cheer
Not from cheer, but I fractured my middle finger in 3 places (when I show people how I did it, they wince) doing a BHS on a gymnastics mat at practice..which can sometimes hurt when the humidity changes rapidly. I get sharp pains in my lower back due to using it to lift and damaging muscles (when I was a senior in HS, only happens sometimes)..bursitis in my left hip at 14 (due to my ankles rolling in and throwing my entire lower body off) which makes my hip joints kinda delicate.

I'm an 80 year old woman in a 21 year old girl's body. I think I should be taking joint supplements..
Nov 30, 2010
I slipped a disc in my lower back in 2009. Still I have trouble bending down, turning to the side and stuff. I really do advice girls who are having pains in there back to see a doctor and take it easy. It can lead to a lot of pain in the future and a lot of trouble with your back.
May 18, 2010
Gym Owner
I have a laundry list for you lol.... I'll be 28 next week, and here's what still lingers from my cheer days:

1. Broken nose my freshman year of college- still gets a little sore on the one side whenever allergy season rolls around from all of the nose blowing (obviously not that serious lol)

2. "Dislocated" Ankle- happened twice, once in college and once on an open team about 6 years ago. It's still messed up, and gets sore when I am standing or walking on it too long. But, that's my fault for not having insurance when it happened so I couldn't get the surgery to fix it

3. Shin splints- actually a high school track injury that turned into stress fractures when I tumbled in college. Still get a little sore when I run, but that's because I've gained so much weight since then, too.

4. Back injury from freshman year- this one was by far the worst. Muscle spasms combined with the muscles and ligaments actually starting to pull away from my spine. It felt like I had nothing to keep my spine up lol.... I tumbled in a back brace, then got better, and was ok until I re-injured 3 years ago jumping off a tow truck, then it got better and I had a car accident last year.... finally 9 months of going to the chiropractor has fixed it and I feel like new again:)

So, yeah, I'm a hot mess, but I think that would be the case with or without the cheer injuries haha
May 12, 2011
I'm 19 and still cheer even this year... I have had knee problems for 4 years.... But when I started electroshock therapy it helped SO much!!! My knee is still weak but I have no pain... It's stopped me from being able to tumble to the best of my ability but I'm just happy I can still cheer on it! I also have a bad ankle... I land incorrectly sometimes on my standing tucks (landing on my heel) and it has totally messed up my ankle... I do physical therapy on that too! Oh the joy of being a cheerleader!!! :) you know your dedicated and love the sport that you keep cheering with injuries
Dec 15, 2009
23 now so it hasn't been too long out but still enough to realize my injuries still follow me.
I broke my wrist in 8th grade during a timeout cheer gone wrong and it still hurts every so often about as bad as it did the night it happened.
In the 9th grade I fractured my foot and every so often I get sharp pains on the top of my foot and can't walk on it.
10th grade I tore my MCL and my knee has never been the same (Pretty sure that was caused by Volleyball). Going down stairs is a big pain in the butt because it hurts. The knee also sometimes gets fluid on it that has to be removed (fun stuff right there).
May 11, 2010
I'm 29 and still cheering...

- back pains, when I have to stand in one position for a longer amount of time.
- excessive high level stunt group training is getting to me now, almost every finger hurts in some way or another
- I tend get tendovaginitis in my left wrist
- knee hurts from a backtuck bust
- ...

But I wouldn't quite for anything in the world! :D
Apr 11, 2011
Western New York
Oh the list! Mid-thirties now (over 20 years of cheer logged, 10+ in all-star) and thanks to tumbling on gym floors, flat (non-spring) mats and competing on wrestling mats, I have two ankles that sound like Rice Krispies (snap, crackle and pop?) for about the first 2-3 minutes every morning. They also still get really sore if I sit with them tucked under for lung periods of time. It's so fun to walk like a 90yr old every morning.

Im so glad to see Im not the only one! Kind of funny, my boyfriends sister calls me Rice Krispy because I snap, crackle and pop going down the stairs in the morning!
Apr 6, 2011
Los Anegeles, CA[:

well im 19 i first sprained my knee when i was 16. both of them 9 months apart then a couple months ago the right one again! sometimes the pain is horrible :( when its cold i get sharp pains. and it gives out alot!
and i just really like the pic of it ^-^ (im weird -__-)
this pic was the night i hurt it!
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