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Mar 29, 2010
There is a flyer on the level 4 team at my gym who is needed for her flying, but her tumbling is consistently level 3, with only a running layout to make her have level 4 tumbling. She has probably the SLOWEST tumbling i've ever seen, so she learns tumbling really slow.
With them getting their choreography a couple weeks ago, she was put into the standing tumbling sections but does not have the tumbling yet.
She needs a hand hand layout (tuck would be acceptable too!), a jump handspring tuck and a standing tuck.
She can do all of these with spot, but all of her tumbling is so slow and not aggressive enough to land on her own.
She is in the gym EVERY DAY trying to get them but all of the coaches and peers have told her the same things she needs to fix, and she tries but it just never works out.

Pretty much, after that book i just wrote, does anybody have any tips to help her tumble faster or tricks for how naturally slow tumblers have gotten new skills?
She is starting to really doubt herself now that the routine is set and is definitely feeling the pressure!
If her tumbling is slow make sure she is looking at her hands in the back handsprings. This can help force her legs over faster.:)
Standing tumbling make sure shes pushes through her toes and stretches out her handsprings! Make sure she sets in every tuck and layout too! Also make sure her feet are together in the handspring and that her arms are directly beside her head
I'm glad you started this thread. My cp is like the slowest tumbler. When she runs for her pass she runs like a freaking princess!! She almost gets plowed by the girl coming out of the opposite corner 4 counts later (because she doesnt even pass center maybe like 1second before that girl) and the girl coming out of the corner behind her 4 counts after that is right on her tail. It probably doesn't help my cp's pass is the longest but omg she tumbles so freaking slow!!
bump I need similar advice : My daughter is 11. She has a standing back tuck and passes that end in a lay out. She has had these same skills for quite awhile now. She recently started privates with an awesome Coach. He told her the problem is that she is not aggressive. She has good technique and skills, but lacks aggression. He is 100% right. Even her personality is passive, easy going, go with the flow,etc. What can she do to work on being more assertive, aggressive, and powerful on the mat? Thanks!
Look for speed schools in your area. Like a Parisi speed school. They teach how to be explosive. Some muscles need training to fire faster. I also recommended Karate classes to another post similar. They teach explosiveness with control. Great for cheerleaders
Tumbling on counts helps, too. Have a coach tell her to slap-clap on w, hurdle on x, hands hit on y, feet hit on z and then count for her while she works on getting the timing.
Make sure she squeezes her core in handsprings and layouts. It helps you be more aggressive. When I was learning my BHS, it helped me to get my legs over really fast!! Pretty much anything where your body is straight, i.e. layout or BHS, your core needs to be super super tight.

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