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Mar 16, 2011
The NACP Club needs your help!!

We need your incredible artistic skills to design a small logo which will properly represent the "Not A Cheer Parent Club" in public...otherwise we might embarrass our cps ;) The logo should be able to fit nicely on a button and/or shirt sleeve shoulder, so that all of us may display the fact that we're not "that" parent...

Most "shimmies" on the Fierce Board and "likes" on http://cheerparentsonline.com/threads/logo-contest.317/ will go head-to-head in a final cut to determine whose design NACP will wear LOUD & PROUD!

Trannies, Craptastics, cps, parents and athletic supporters, EPs, gym owners, coaches and fans - this is your chance to give a little something back to those parents that have supported you all these loooooong years!

Need some inspiration? Here are The Club Rules:


Now GO! Or we're not taking you to practice...