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Hello there! So, I posted this in the All Star forum, but I'm not sure if any of you keep up with threads over there, so I decided to post it over here too. I am looking to buy used cheer shoes that you are not using anymore. I know this seems like an odd post but I am helping a friend out who needs a pair of cheer shoes for practice. It's a surprise for her, though. So if you have an old pair that you are not using anymore, I'd love to hear from you! She is preferably looking for Nike, since that is what the team she is trying out for wears and condition does not matter to her since she is looking to use them for practice until she can try out for the team next year!

Post on here PM me if you're interested! Thanks :)
I posted in the other too. I have 2 new pairs of Varsity Inspires that have never been used before sitting in their box in my closet. I don't know if you'd be interested or if they're her size but if you are pm me!
She said she's particularly looking for Nike cheer shoes, since that is the brand that the team she is trying out for uses.