Lvl 4 Stunt Workshops Before Worlds 2012

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Jun 17, 2011
Hi all US Cheer coaches. I am currently part of a program in Australia. A collection of us are planning on heading over to 2012 worlds to watch. Yah! We would like to organise with a gym to learn level 4 group stunting (we only go to level three at the moment). We would be prepared to pay for 5 days of lessons either the week before worlds or the week after (whichever is better for the gym). I realise coaches might be busy preparing their team/s for worlds before and might be finished after. Any location is fine. We fly into LA and are heading to florida so we are crossing the country anyway. Please PM me if you think that you may have a coach available at this time and might be interested. We will be forever grateful and can't wait for the trip of a lifetime.