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Jul 7, 2010

All of my coaches have been talking about her and once I got the chance to see this video...all I have to say is WOW!!! Does anybody else have girls at their gym that do balance routines like her? I've never seen any sport like this before! There's a longer version of this but I can't find it.
That's so weird, I used to tumble where they practice so I recognize them. They can do a lot of other cool stuff and she has a great spike too. Has she cheered before this year?
my old gym in cali use to have acro kids use our gym some nights and let me say they blew all of our minds, granted we got chirped cause they didnt get our "fluff" and the fact that we could smile and actually giggle at practice but the stuff they do is way awesome none the less
now we all know if i tryed that.. ummm i would have fingersto post on here let alone a life. i'd die... AMAZING!
Umm you should see the acro at are gym it is way beyond this, not saying she isn't good but the people I watch are like 3 time acro world champs (mixed pair)!