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May 8, 2011
Did you ever have a mantal block? Why did you get it? What were you afriad to do? Did you get over it? How?

Sorry I'm just curious because I've know people with mental blocks and I want to see if anyone else was afraid because of the same reasons.
I was going to throw a full, but it went all wrong. People around me were screaming, and it felt like the time stood still. I landed on my back and got hurt. Since then I've been very afraid of throwing fulls.
I've started to slowly get back to them again now, and I've got a new technique. The new technique, made my block go away, so that's what helped in my case ;)
I wouldn't running tumble for a year after i over rotated and landed on my back and shoulder. I would do all my tumbling from a power hurdle or point my foot and lean into my round off. At camp last summer, i finally worked up the courage to try running again. Now im throwing fulls, but my run gives me too much power so im considering either front walk over through to full or power hurdle to full. I just need to learn body control.:)
I got a mental block freshman year (I'm going to be a senior next year) and I still have it :(
Me, my sisters & a friend of ours were doing a private lesson with the old varsity coach (we were all on jv), who I hate now, and 3 of us, me included were timing our round off back handspring tucks and I did mine but some how I ended up on my back on the floor. And the coach was like no more for you & I haven't been able to do one since :(
&& then one night while we were coaching the youth team I had my friend spot me but I guess I freaked out and that happened again. I remember going for the tuck and falling towards the floor in slow motion lol.anyways I haven't been able to do a round off back handspring tuck or standing backhand spring tuck by myself since then. But I can do a standing tuck & jumpsto tuck :/
I can't connect skills to save my life. I have a standing bhs, a standing tuck, and a ro bhs. I can't do a jump bhs, ro tuck, or even 2 bhs. It's funny and sad at the same time.
I had/have a mental block. For 2 years I wouldnt throw anything but my jumps to back and a standing back. B4 my block i had an arabian thru to double and almost a standing 3 to double. This past year I finally started coming out of my block and I am throwing a round off double now. I will throw standing back handsprings but not running ones. Its just something about running backhandsprings that make my brain say no way. im hopeing in the next year i'll over come that as well. baby steps!
I had a mental block 4 years ago with my round off back handspring. The main reason why I got this mental block was one day I was doing it and I landed on my head, I was so scared since nothing like that had ever happened to me before. It made me not even want to throw it at all.
To get through the mental block I worked my way back up and took baby steps to learn how to tumble the correct way. I went back to having a spot with it and ended up with a much better back handspring than before I fell. My advice is if you have a mental block about a skill go back to basics to regain confidence and eventually the skill will seem easiar and you will feel more confident about throwing it.
I had a mental block when i was learning rotucks. Then my coach told me that if I wanted to be on the team going to toronto, Canada. I needed that skill. So I had been working on it trying to get over my fear and so I said okay, 12yrs old ran onto the non-sprung floor and just did it for the first time because I wanted to go to the comp XD I had no real reason y I had the mental block I think it was mostly because my team practiced on non-sprung.

Then there were my fulls...I had them fine (like dubble base full downs). I was doing them good my first day flying. Then my coach and bases told me to dub, so I did it was fine w.e. Once they were rlly good, for the heck of it they wanted me to tripple down. Being young I was like okay! So we...well I did it my bases didnt catch me and I landed flat on my back on non-spring floor. Never did anouther full unless I was forced by my bases so it didnt look to good.. But last yr I went to the tryouts for hellcats and I managed to get over my fear with bases I'd never met, and do arabesc dubble down. :)