Music Mixing Equipment - Speaker Question

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Dec 15, 2009
I currently mix on a laptop and am really tired of doing a mix that sounds great on my speakers only to load it up on my gym's nice big sound system to find that my volume fluctuates, and some parts that sounded great on mine just sound muddy or strange on the real sound system. What are some good speaker packages that I could invest in on a budget? What do the pros use?
I have a set of KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors that I absolutely love. I wish I had gone with either the 6's or the 8's but the 5's were priced in my budget and total price was approximately $300.
Krk's are pretty good for the price. Depending on your Budget. Usually if you tell Guitar Center your budget, they'll do you good. I use a couple of different sets.

I have 3 studios, so I use Mackie HR824 MKII, Adam A7's, Event 20/20, and Mackie HR8's. I play all of my music in the car, home radios, Laptops, and Ipod. Listen to your music across multiple mediums to get a consistant feel. Then make adjustments in your studio.