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Mar 31, 2010
So for our school halftime routines I mix my own music and have previously used audacity but have found that it is very muffled once it's all said and done. Does anyone know a program that I can use my itunes to create a mix and it will be good quality?!? Thanks sooo much.
sony acid pro. Its the best hands down.
it is pricy but can be 'obtained' if you want info PM me.
I would 'obtain' acid and buy a couple of's toolkits to get started.
First of all the quality of your music starts with the quality of the song you are using. If you use an illegal site like Limewire to music it is at 128kbps. This is Half the quality of a CD. So right off the bat you are starting with 50% quality then not knowing how to mix or master music to blend it properly degrades it even more. The software you use doesn't make a's knowing how to EQ things and balance out the hi's and low's that will keep you from having a muffled sound. Hope this helps.

Not open for further replies.