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Mar 25, 2010
Last time I asked, you guys came up with awesome results, so I figured I'd try this again.

Our Open Coed 6 team needs voiceovers. Northern Elite- Inferno. Any help would be awesome!
Sit back, take notes, it's time to learn
Don't mess with us, or you'll get burned.
Inferno: come on, feel the heat.
Prepare yourself for this defeat!

Fire, brimstone, fierce, and bold
Inferno's going for the gold.
You better run, we're on attack.
Northern Elite- watch your back!

Watch your back and stay alert;
When we HIT we make it hurt.
Inferno's burning up the floor-
Just too flawless to ignore.

In a flash of blue and red:
First place, straight ahead.

A fire storm's about to blow.

Northern Elite: we stand alone.
Try all you want; you can’t steal the throne.
Listen to this warning and proceed if you must, inferno's getting ready, TO BURN THIS US

Yes I'm hot yeah and no your not,witness us burn up the spot, northerns to elite to ever meet defeat,inferno

2 4 coed 6, inferno is just to sick,is that gold? yes it is,hand it over to the kids

If you can't stand the heat then you better leave the mat, cuz northern serves it to you straight so watch your back