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Mar 29, 2010
Hey, I am wondering if someone can help me out. For my college team we have to buy our own spankies and the ones I have been wearing the past few years have been so uncomfortable. It's like the leg hole is too tight, and squeezes until I am almost bleeding. Mind you, they are a size adult medium and it's not even the size really that's causing them, it's more of the material. I am looking for a pair of spankies that are more stretchy than the ones I have now, more like a sports bra, because these have hardly any give to them.

Can anyone recommend a pair to me that you feel are incredibly comfortable and stretch with your body, instead of being binding? Thanks in advance!
Do you have to have a specific cut? If you can wear boy shorts those seem to be more comfy.
GK Elite - You can get most of them at Wholesale prices right now as well!
I order some through bodywrappers last season and they were great and didn't have the elastic band around the legs
Note that if you do go for GK, go up a size.
I know that I am a small in EVERYTHING (sometimes xs) and had to get a medium in GK spanks

Thanks for clarifying. You are right - most people I have sized are always 'up' a size.
I don't think I could wear the shorts because we have a pretty high slit up the front of our skirt, they need to be actual briefs unfortunately. Do the
Ha, I didn't not mean to send that. I was going to ask if the GK ones are prone to giving you a muffin top even where one doens't really exist.
I wouldn't go for under armour, unless you can get ones without the logo.
theres alot of comfortable ones the question is what is the least comfortable? ;)

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