All-Star Most Entertaining Teams?

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Mar 24, 2010
Soo, who do you think they are?
i could watch Spirit Central sm sr all day long. They are just sooo much fun to watch.
I loved the Dream Allstars J5 at Cheersport. The little boy was AWESOME. I made my daughter watch on Sunday and she was very impressed! Loved the entire routine, but the kick double by the little boy was the highlight!!
I think California Small Senior really performs and sells their routine. ICE Lightening also impressed me this weekend. I also got that feeling during CEA Small Senior. When they hit, they perform with so much energy and attitude.
i was very entertained this weekend by gymtymes large senior open level 5 team everyone seemed to have been talking about the way they took their bows off in the dance
This time, I'm not being biased. I have never seen a team top the entertainment value of Az Power Xtreme Envy. They may not have the skills of other small senior teams, but they place high because they out-perform everyone.
F5, Supercells, and GBE Lime everytime I watch their routines I am wowed all over again.

I can also watch WE Generals prelims from worlds 09 over and over again without getting tired of that routine. The music just fits the routine so much.
cali small senior they make you want them to win everytime they perform. and no one can compare to shooting stars. they give off this energy and vibe that is indescribable