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Mar 31, 2010
I want to make a mix for my high school to use during halftime. any good music mixing programs out there anyone can recommend? I tried using audacity before but after I burned the disc the music was so muffled.
I use Logic and love it, but its pricy

Great program also, if you're on Mac. But if you're on Mac and want a faster workflow, recommend Ableton Live. I've been using Ableton Live a bit lately and it has a better workflow than most programs except Acid. IMO
I make new music mixes for my mascot every home football game. I use the free version of Audacity. It's good to use if you're looking for a descent quality mix that you're doing as a coach (time restraints, not doing professionally, etc.). I also use it to mix my JV music (we only pay for high quality for the Varsity team).
If you're just using it for one mix and want a cheap software then I'd go with Magix. It's easy and what most people around here use to start off with.
Just downloaded the free tutorial of Acid Pro.. way different from what I have been using..I like but still confused, have to play around with it (luckliky its a 30 trial) so hopefully when I go buy it im already use to it!! lol