All-Star Music ,sound Effects And Voice Overs

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May 21, 2010
Im curious if you think music selection, good voice overs ect.. play apart in scoring when appealing to judges, maybe overlooking some not so clean routines when the music and voice overs are unique.
I know I love to watch teams that captured my attention even if they arent the most technical or best out there.
I do NOT think great music/voice overs can ever help you get a better score... I do think it's possible for really terrible music to leave a poor impression though...

I also think the voice over thing has gotten a little crazy and there are a lot out there right now that are either completely silly or don't actually make any sense at all
I will NOT name any team, but I was watching worlds, and one team had a Elvis Presley mix. I LOVE this team, but the music was so off, I had to put it on mute, and then obviously you can't see the timing or musicality.

P.S. I'm glad to say the music got better the next year!
haha funny you should say that because i have said that many times! There is no score for music
I dont having great music helps you win necessarily but it doesnt hurt the over all impression of your routine either. Also I think there is something to be said for having your music out there and everyone the audience knowing it and yelling along with it!! But I do think having really bad music can distract from your routine....