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May 23, 2010
I need to make a music video for any song, and it can really be anything. I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help?

It can be cheer related, but I'm still drawing a blank. HELP
I'd suggest watching a lot of music videos to get inspired.... even ones from other countries because they may give ideas for things you haven't seen before. Music videos usually tell some sort of story, so depending on the song, listen to it and think of what the song means to you. What story would fit(it could be anything from the typical girl meets guy to robot monster aliens or it being all a dream in the end....anything!). Also, some involve dance choreo, others just focus on the singer/s and cut in and out of them wearing different things at different locations along with the story. Just watch a lot of music videos and see what inspires you!
You can even go on itunes, change the country at the bottom, and look up what the top music videos are in that country. I'll post some random music videos from different countries when I get back from my statistics class.
Ok Go(the treadmill guys) have some really fun ones like this:
This one from Belinda(Mexico) has a good use of black and white film:
Taylor Swift is a good example of an artist using storytelling in her music videos.
Some of the South Korean groups have pretty awesome dance ones such as SHINee(think South Korean N'Sync) :Here's an example of a cheer music video:
Also glow in the dark always wows.
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