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Mar 26, 2010
Who is going to this meeting?Who do you know that is going?

What topics are going to cause heated debates?
I feel like I will be in town.. but if I go to the meeting who will monitor the boards?
Will it be livecast again online? I hope so....I really enjoy listening to everyone speak on the voting issues.
I found that it will be live webcast from 9:30-12, and again from 1-4. But I cannot find where it will be webcast. I'm hoping they will have a link up at USASF for us tomorrow morning. I'm excited to sit and watch this all day tomorrow!
Wish it would have been today instead. No kids at school today so my office is very slow and quiet. Tomorrow will be a mad house I'm sure... boo :( I'll still try and watch as much as possible though.