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    If you are attending North Carolina State University in fall 2014, you are invited to tryout for the All Girl Club Cheerleading program!

    The All Girl program offers two competitive teams, Intermediate and Advanced. We practice about 2x a week for ~2 hours each practice. Our main goal is to compete although we also participate in the Homecoming Parade, fundraising events, and community service. The program is a great way to maintain cheering competitively without an overwhelming time commitment. Both teams compete at local and national competitions, approximately 2-3 times a season. Our final competition is NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida!

    The Intermediate team competes in the College Level 4 division. The tumbling requirements are standing backhandspring series, 3 jumps to backhandspring, and running roundoff backhandspring (but the division allows for tucks and layouts). Stunting requirements are any position that is level 4 stunting. The Advanced team competes in the College Level 6 division. The tumbling requirements are standing handspring tuck, 3 jumps to tuck, and running roundoff backhandspring layout (but the division allows for fulls). Stunting requirements are any positions with level 5/6 stunting. Flyers must have all body positions and be able to double down.

    Tryouts are generally at the beginning of September at Cheer Extreme Raleigh. If you have any other questions or would like more tryout information, please email me at

    Thanks & GO PACK!

    Caitlin Lowy
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