College Ncata National Championship Uofo V Uofm Full Meet On Ducktv

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Watched the whole thing looked like a very close meet...

Curious about how they total the start value for the team routine... is it a simple addition of the start values of each element performed or is there any consideration for choreography/performance/majority skills/etc. that would come into play for a traditional cheer routine score.
What are the deductions for...falls, missed skills, bobbles?

Falls, bobbles, feet movement, traveling, crossed legs, flexed feet, piked positions in tumbling, failure to set in tosses, lack of height in tosses, synchronization errors in tumbling, the list goes on and on ... a missed skill from the pre-submitted start value requires the routine to be revalued by the judges.

Feet movement by bases (especially in cradles and tosses) is probably one of the biggest changes in the sport - usually we're so used to only flyers getting knocked for stunting errors, but movement/traveling underneath a stunt carries a pretty hefty deduction.
anyone have final standings?

Round 1:

  • No. 1 University of Oregon and No. 2 University of Maryland - First Round Bye (1 and 2 seed)
  • No. 3 Azusa Pacific v. No.6 Quinnipiac - Quinnipiac Advances
  • No. 4 Baylor v. No. 5 Fairmont State - Baylor Advances
Round 2:

  • No. 6 Quinnipiac v. No. 2 Maryland - Maryland Advances
  • No. 4 Baylor v. No. 1 Oregon - Oregon Advances
National Championship:

  • No. 1 Oregon v. No. 2 Maryland - Oregon wins NCATA National Championship
How did they do that rankings for the competition? If Maryland was undefeated all year, how come they were ranked second?