College Need Music Asap! Please Help

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Dec 14, 2009
a friend of mine texted me yesterday saying the guy that they were going to use for their music isn't returning their phone calls and they desperately need music ASAP. i told him i could try and help him find someone who will make a mix for them to compete with. they need it ASAP, it's for a college team here in CT.
PLEASE if ANYONE is fairly good at making mixes and they are willing to pay PLEASE message me, they need help and they've come a long way to be as good as they are now. i really appreciate it.

thank you,
brittany :)
Level5Mom is great at last minute mixes
thank you everyone who responded, we have contacted someone who will be doing the music. i appreciate all the help! i knew i could count on my fellow "fiercers" to help :)